Thursday, January 9, 2014

Freezing and Fashionable!

With this terribly harsh weather it can be hard to maintain our chicness… check out how I stayed fab while frozen…lol

Ok now being a Georgia girl born and raised, this cold weather…. I can not become accustomed to. As the city shuts down to what we consider "extreme temperatures" (yea it doesn't take much to hit extreme) I almost succumbed to the voice within begging me not to leave the house… 

But then the hustle said otherwise so I buckled down and then buttoned up and headed out the door.
I settled with all heavy materials including wools and denim. I love plaids and maroons and when I thrifted this skirt I knew my maroon boots would set it off. I added a denim shirt for contrast. But the most amazing thing? This fur collared cape! Now one thing I love about my hometown (besides my family lol) is the amazing pieces I thrift there… This is one… I love the drama a cape can add to a look and this one most certainly brings it!

So how do you ladies stay fashionable while freezing? What are some of your favorite statement winter accesories?

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Entire Look: Thrifted! | Boots: Bakers 


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