Monday, March 31, 2014

Land of the Free, Home of the Braves

"But all things pass. About six months from now, we'll be worrying about who will win the NBA championship, not this."
-David Justice 

Now that's a good piece of advice. Justice's quote is in relation to backlash he received after criticizing fans about their lack of support of the Braves in the 1995 World Series. 

Now how many of us can relate? Not just to a lack of support by the people around us when we reedit most, but also the backlash we might receive when we voice our opinions about it! 

In turn, we hold back from fear of causing a rift but to that I say F&%K that! BE BRAVE!
Voice your opinions, say how you feel, and don't hold back! 
When it comes to those around you that matter, they'll appreciate the feedback. That's how meaningful relationships work. If they do mind then they probably shouldn't matter to you so move on! Keep pushing and moving towards your purpose. Embracing those around you that support your movement! 

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