Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tuesday Thriftspiration: Waiting (in White) to Exhale

"You know what inspiration is? It's someone who lets you know life will go on and something beautiful can be waiting....waiting when you least expected it". -Bernadine, Waiting to Exhale

And inspired is exactly what I am by this white dress worn by Lela Rochon's character Robin Stokes in the ultimate chick flick (and in my opinion one of the best of all times!) Waiting to Exhale! While having a Girls Night In me and my good friend and fellow fashion conniseur drooled over this hot number per usual when watching this film. This is classic 90s and she slaaayyyed it! 
 I am hoping the Thrift Gods and the Almighty God will be with me as I hunt for this look… 
I will wear this or some variation of it someday soon… DIY possibility? Well stick around for the follow up! Cross fingers for me loves!

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Photo courtesy of Just Take the Stares via Google 


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