Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Color Run

"What you eat don't make me s#*t!"- Jay Z

Ok Im back! I finally got some camera time!

And while these photos really have nothing to do with what Im about to say, I feel the need to rant (sorry Im in my feelings a little and need to get this off my chest lol )

It's not that I didn't know this before, but the more I live it, I know it to be true… Sometimes we have to put the blinders on in order to run our race! Now its very easy to say "do you" "be you" blah blah blah but its a whole other thing to actually live it. No matter how good we are at "doing us" there still is a lot of distraction… Noise, visuals, and general "stuff" that can clutter our minds and ultimately our paths in life… And trust me, I know! (Why do you think it takes me so long to post things for you guys! lol) 

Anyway I won't keep rambling but, the moral of the story: keep your fork on your plate, hands to yourself, nose in your business, and anything else your mom would say in reference to making life easy because lets face it… She was RIGHT! (There I said it! you Happy Mom!?)

*Ends Rant* (Whew!)

Now this look is showcasing a newly added piece to the Noux Rejekts Collection!
While I love this skirt so much I wanted to keep it, but its a little too big (and with this body under construction… Well you know lol) But I couldn't resist the urge to style it! So here's my take… You like?
How would you ladies have done it?

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