Monday, April 7, 2014

Style Stimulation: Stacy London's The Truth About Style

"Fashion can be forced, Style is Organic"- Stacy London 

*New Segment Alert* 
Now as style connoisseurs its as important to feed our minds as it is our appetites for fashion so I've decided to share some of my recent reads (fashion related and otherwise) with all of ya'll! Now I have to be real with ya'll, we're family so we can do that, at best this will be a monthly series. But on a good month maybe two lol….

So on to the first selection!
Now if you're a fan of the hit TLC show "How Do I Look?" You are all to familiar with the dynamic duo of Stacy and Clinton. And if you're not, shame on you! 
The show is amazing reality check for the fashion challanged that offers a real life approach to adding flair to your wadrobe and a boost to your confidence. Tackling your closet and self esteem and wrangling them under control!

This book picks up where the show leaves off. Stacy opens up about her own struggles with self esteem and body image to reveal how these components are the foundation for taking your look from Drab to Fab! (I couldn't resist he he) Deviating from the normal format of style guides of giving  general points on do's and don'ts, she takes real life women like you and me, disect their lives and gives a full walk thru on how to transform their looks! This is a definite guide to real world style for real world women and a definite addition to any stylist's library. 

I give it the Cat Eye Stamp of approval!


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