Thursday, May 1, 2014

Vintage Vixen of the Week: Selena Quintanilla-Perez

"I'm spoiled in the sense that now I get what I want but it's because I work for it."
-Selena Quintanilla-Perez (1971-1995)

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Basically, Ive decided to showcase hot Vintage Vixens from far and wide! And by "Vintage Vixen" I mean one who exhibits amazing style that I admire and epitomizes all things Vintage… Some will be famous and some will be famous to me… Either way, I guarantee we'll all enjoy the ride!

On to the first VV!
I was reminded of how much I loved this woman's style when I was lurking on Instagram (yea I said lurking! We all do it lol) and came across Selena on someones page. Right then I knew she'd be my first. When I saw the movie "Selena" a few days after, I knew it was time to make it official! I was instantly reminded again of the amazing style all her own that she embodied so effortlessly! She was the epitome of 90s fashion! She had an amazing career in music and an emerging career in fashion, manufacturing a line inspired by Latin American styles and textures which were her staples, that was tragically ended by her untimely death in 1995. Her memory and style live on!

*photos courtesy of Google Images*


  1. Talent, charisma, class, and style for miles! SELENA FOREVER!!!


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