Monday, June 2, 2014

Back to The Basics: Favorite Find 70's Oleg Cassini Wrap skirt

"Sometimes you have to get back to the basics" - Everybody!

Happy Monday! 

Im keeping up with the posts ya'll ! (yay me! 1 to 2 a week is progress lol )
Anyway, Im coming off a 40 day fast (and heading back on it to support a friend in their journey) from materialism. Now, that certainly is not the worst vice, but its one that became very apparent as an issue of mine thru prayer and meditation. Now one may ask, how exactly do you fast from that? Well the best answer is: To Each His Own. The way I approached it was spending! Which is the biggest culprit feeding my need for stuff when I should be feeding my spirit. So I limited myself to the basics, Groceries, Gas, necessary toiletries( you know what I mean). Thats it. No make up, clothes, shoes, eating out(unless someone is treating lol ), NOTHING but the basics. Now this is a challenge when your business runs and depends on you buying to resale, so to ensure it was all going into the business anything that I thrifted, found at estate sales, yard sales etc. had to be and will be SOLD! No matter how much I loved it… This piece is one example!

So before they make it to noux homes, I at least wanted an opportunity to style some of my favorite finds! They will however be sold after… So this series my go on for a while…lol 

Stay tuned to my store for your chance to steal some of these amazing pieces!

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Top: Thrifted | Skirt: Vintage Oleg Cassini | Shoes: Jessica Simpson | Sunnies and Earrings: Thrifted/Vintage 


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