Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Winter White

"Wear that all white when Im feeling Godly"
-Dej Loaf 

Well another year has come and gone... Im 26. There I said it and per usual Im a little shocked at where I am. That's not a bad thing. About 3 months after 25 I began to brace myself for 26, which in hind sight seems a little ridiculous, but I think we 20 somethings can all relate to the fear of not being where you imagined. And at the same time being some where you'd never imagined... I say all that to say, Ive began to really embrace the spirit of gratitude. Lately Ive found myself constantly complaining instead of embracing all the Greatness in my life and using accountability to address the unhappiness and take the necessary adjustments.

This is also one of the positives of having a late year birthday... Its a chance to reflect on my previous year of life and kick the year off refreshed and renewed... a cleansing if you will hence the all white...

While I doubt you thought this outfit post wouldn't go soo deep well Its levels to this dressing It's not just about clothes and my style connoisseurs know this. It reflects who we are, where we are mentally and how we feel.

Remember to embrace it and never loose it...

Rant Done.

This was my look for brunch with my girls 90% thrifted!
Total look: $20.00!

Top and necklace: Forever 21 | Pants, Belt, Sunnies and Coat: Thrifted (.50 cents for the pants!) | Shoes: Steve Madden


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