Monday, January 5, 2015

Be "THAT" Brick

"Don't Just Be Another Brick in the Wall"
-Pink Floyd 

It always seems that when were backed against the wall, our first reaction is to blend in with all the other bricks until the storm blows over. Not realizing that in reality the only way to beat the odds is to burst out and be "THAT" Brick... You know the one that breaks out and bursts the head of the problem wide open. Slightly reckless, a little afraid (sometimes terrified), but shamelessly you! 
Authentic in every way and determined to make it out on top, restored, and alive. 
This is how we should all be. 

Fashion is my way of living out my role as "THAT" brick and I wish the same for everyone reading this whatever your lane is! As we embark on a noux year full of noux journeys, remember the possibilities are endless! 

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