Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hot Pants

"There is definitely something sexy about a girl with an 

attitude and a pair of leather pants."

-Eliza Dushku

I swear in this tee I always feel assured that I can follow my dreams and in a pair of leather pants I can conquer the world! So now I'm just about ready to do both! I have been searching High and Low for a pair of leather pants with an almost perfect fit and after years of scouring the thrift world (and 20 pairs later) I finally found these! 

And while I usually won't use the term perfect to describe much, but these fit the bill! They're Hi waist (my favorite most flattering style since I have a tiny natural waist to hip ratio), Slim cut thru the leg, and Cigarette crop length... Can't you just gag!

Ok ok Im done with the dramatics... My Look is all thrift minus tee shirt and shoes!
Any of you have a Perfect Fit find?

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Vintage Trench, Leather Pant, Statement Necklace, Bag-Thrifted | Tee: Old Navy | Shoes:Wild Diva 


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