Monday, February 2, 2015

The Style Switch Up

"Fifty told me go head, Switch the style up and if they hate then let em hate and watch the $ pile up"


Happy Monday Peeps! Hope you all had a fun filled and prosperous weekend! I know I did! Especially since I was rocking my noux look! I know you ladies can relate to that time when you get that itch to switch it up... Your old look is just cute and not popping like it was (well at least not to you... ) and you decide to go drastic well at least by your standards? Well thats what happened to me. First it was the style. Ive been trying to experiment with looks a little out of my norm and challenge myself and so far, I like where this is going. So I had all these clothes, I lost 10 pounds (of holiday weight) and the only thing missing was the hair... then violĂ ! Straight it was! I haven't straightened my hair in over 8 months and worn extensions like these in quite sometime but I must say, Im loving it! As my good friend said, Im looking like college Cristi! lol

So on to the look! Completely thrifted and vintage! Ive been exploring all kinds of street style and unique pieces like these pants ( on the left) I found on my noux obsession Posh Mark! But the true thrifter that I am, I discovered this dupe for about $3 (seen on me)! Ive been obsessing over oversized mens shirts and found a few including this white tux shirt  ($3) which by the way looks good with EVERYTHING! and the Jacket is an old find that Ive had forever! I loved the outcome and for under $10! Cant beat a mini makeover at that price!

So what are some ways you're changing up your style and seeking inspiration for your looks!? 
(sorry about the sucky pics, I didn't have my camera)

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Blazer, Shirt,Necklace,Pants:Thrifted | Clutch: Zara | Shoes: Steve Madden (PoshMark)


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