Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Back to the Basics

"The Bigger the Hair the Closer to God"
-Natural Girl Proverb 

Welcome back  my loves who love me and still read despite my inconsistancies! And hello again to the sunshine, warm weather, and this big hair! While straight and sleek was cute and all I missed my big bush (plus my edges withstands much better since I'm sweating in the gym during the week). 
The weather is finally behaving so this weekend we venture to the food truck park to enjoy some atmosphere and good eats! 

And before you say anything, yes I am wearing my noux thrifted leather jacket again! You guys will probably see it at least 5 more times before the weather moves into scorching and It has to retire until This time I paired it with a simple cotton maxi, my thrifted silver mules(which are making a comeback and I swiped for .50 cents!), and sunnies! Easy Breezy... you know the rest!
Well Ive come into some refund money so Ill be appearing more often with looks! lol So stay tuned! Until next time!

Vintage Leather Moto Jacket, Metallic Mules, and Sunnies: Thrifted | Dress: Target 


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