Friday, March 6, 2015

Hello Moto

"People are more violently opposed to fur than leather because it's safer to harass rich women than motorcycle gangs."
-Alexei Sayle

Hey ya'll! It's been a while but you know how I do... Im working on it still though. But anyway I had to share this vintage find! So every thrifting and vintage enthusiasts has a thrift list. A wish list of finds they're looking to score preferably thru thrifting and bonus if it's vintage. Well a black moto jacket has been on my list for a long while and imagine my surprise when I popped into my local thrift shop on what happened to be half off day. Right when I was about to give up (the crowd was a beast) I saw this gem poking out! Genuine leather, just my size and at $5! Needless to say the thrift gods were on my side! The weather was nice on Saturday and I had a full day so I paired it with this African print skirt and my boots for comfort since I would be on the move from day to night. 

The photos were taken at the grand opening of Red Tag Affair in one of Atlanta's newest vintage 
co-ops Kiwi Vintage Market! unfortunately I didn't get a picture with her but if your in the ATL check it out and if not, check them both out online by clicking the links!

And the photos were taken by amazing JonesCode again! 
(Follow him on IG @JonesCode and visit his website to see more of his work and book him! He has a special this month going on)

Anyway, its past my bedtime so I'm signing off! Later peeps! 

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