Friday, April 10, 2015

Silver Fox

-Zora Neale Hurston

While Im not quite the definition of a traditional "Silver Fox", I am in silver and pretty damn foxy if I do say so... And I do! 
Of course I make my return after a brief hiatus but m tripod had a "man down" situation so I can't work alone lol But I visited my family over this past Easter holiday so my sissy obliged me and stepped in as photographer. And she did a pretty good job. 
I took this holiday to wear these pants finally ( I could probably stand to loose 5 lbs before I wear them again lol) and Im pleased with the results. Not the normal pastels or pure white but  great spring hue of neutrals! (my fave) Everything is thrifted of course except the shoes!
 My family joined in on the picture taking fun as well! You can see the fun below! 
 Thanks for reading !

All Thrifted | Shoes: Steven by Steve Madden

The Clique

Mom and Daddy James (step Daddy)

Daddy James and the Girls 

My two favorite girls in the world

The crew again goofing off


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