Friday, July 10, 2015

Top Five Friday's: 5 Places to Find Vintage

Now that you know a little about Vintage, Its time to get out there and build your collection! Here are my 5 favorite places to find the good stuff!

1. Discount Markets 

This includes your local thrift stores, flea markets, yard sales or any where you can get a great piece for great pieces. Due to increased popularity of vintage and second hand clothing, these sources may also be the most competitive of the top 5. While you may have to be a little more strategic in choosing the right parts of town and the best days, these can be your best sources for cool finds!

Goodwill, Salvation Army, Value Village, and Park Avenue Thrift are some of the bigger players but I find the smaller charity shops ran by churches and local non profits have some of the best selections.   So research some of your favorite causes to support them and find a deal.

Remember to go early, dress comfy, and bring cash especially in the smaller shops for when you don't meet the credit card minimums.

2. Family Members Closets

Now we all have some stylish aunts, grannys, and mommas who hold on to clothes from every era so this is a great place to start your search especially as a nouxbie. Its very non intimidating and while you may not be able to score much ( you know the old divas dont like to let go lol) you'll get to hear some of the amazing back stories that add to the appeal of shopping vintage and its free ( not including a lecture)! Plus you'll get to spend some time with your favorite girls!

3. Online Sources 

Finding great pieces is as easy as clicking a button! Online sources including Etsy and Ebay
can be goldmines for finding exactly what your after. A simple google search can pop up a host of privately owned shops ( like Noux Rejekts). The downside is price may not be as affordable but the quality will have already been pre inspected. You will also not have the opportunity to touch or try on the items so this is when knowing your measurements would most come in handy! Always go with a buyer who is very descriptive about their items, great with communication, and stands beside their quality (like Noux Rejekts *cough cough*)

4. Estate Sales 

These are my absolute favorite! In all honesty they can be hit or miss but when you hit you win! At estate sales, the contents of an entire home are sold. Now this can be a little overwhelming at first because the owners could have recently passed ( which is usually the case ) or just downsizing but I find the longer they've been there, the better the score. Since most people are there for the furniture and other household collectables the clothes fly under the radar. Prices are usually reasonable and negotiable and the quality is excellent! Because most of the pieces have seen little wear or use they are in great shape!

5. Local Vintage Retailers 

Lastly, this is another great option for nouxbies! By visiting local shops you get to experience the items first hand. Feel the fabrics and try pieces on and fall in love! There are brick and mortar locations as well as co op markets where you can support a host of vendors at once! The  other upside is your feeding your local economy and helping a local entrepreneur live there dreams! Also check out local fairs and festivals to check out online vendors who maybe poping up in your neighborhood. 


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