Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Five: 5 benefits of Shopping Vintage

It's time for the Friday Five and today were hitting my 5 reasons to shop vintage! Yall know I love love love vintage (Duh! Unless your Noux to this blog then hey new friend!) When you start to incorporate vintage into your wardrobe, it adds that certain X Factor to your style! And who doesn't want that ? But enough small talk lets jump right in!

1. The Novelty Effect
So the best thing about vintage is that you can create a look and wear it with 99.9% confidence that no one will replicate! Like being on the pill, there's always that .1 that the universe will make you her bitch and create a "bitch stole my look" situation so be mindful of your karma....

2. Quality Control 
Like your Grandaddy's 1972 Dodge Ram with the full metal bumper that can take a pounding, these pieces were built to last! The majority of vintage pieces were constructed during the period of manufacturing when quality superseded emense profit, fabrics and notions were of the utmost quality, and seamstresses put out great work to match good pay!

3. It's Easy to Be Green 
Ok now I know you ,like myself, may not be the best at recycling the wine bottles , cutting the shower time and bubble baths, or anything else that may reduce our carbon foot print but hers one thing you can add to your list (finally!). Buying vintage and repurposing textiles can reduce landfill waste by 89.68 percent! ( ok I made that shit up but it still helps a little! Lol)

4. Lite Coin Collection
Now unless you're looking for the original a Co Co Chanel original bouclé skirt suit with the matching 2.55 bag then the price break the bank! Now don't get me wrong, there are pieces put there that score high for rarity but if you're open minded and focused less on labels and more on what suits your style, you'll find something for every budget.

5. Cause "Girls Just wanna have Fun!"
The Madonna reference brings us full circle! We ladies love to mix it up and have a good time boozing over brunch, wine-ding down after work, pre gaming on Saturday... (Ok so if you couldn't tell I enjoy a good cocktail lol ) but whatever we do we do it with flair and out wardrobe helps add to the fun! Vintage is always a great addition to the party! 


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