Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Five: Tips For Estate Sale Trips

As a Vintage enthusiast and reseller, I get a lot of questions in regards to where I find my pieces. There are many ways to source amazing vintage pieces But today I want to elaborate on one of my favorites: The Estate Sale!

Now you can get an intro to estate sales here but here's a little recap of why I love them:

  • Quality-Because a lot of the pieces have seen little wear and have been touched by fewer hands, the quality is amazing
  • Ease- Its all there laid out in one place! Just head to the closet and shop! Plus most people are there for the furniture so there is usually less competition. 
  • Rarity-You never know what you’ll  find in personal collections! One woman’s closet looked like a vintage Saks outlet! All 70s-90s designer 80% still in tags!

So here are 5 Tips to maximize your experience especially if you're a first timer!

1. Location, Location, Location!
One of the most important things to consider when hitting an ES is where its happening! Now there is no right or wrong answer to this but I tend to find the best pieces in the more affluent areas of town. So anywhere where there is what I like to call “old money” because your residents tend to be older and will be in possession of more vintage goodies. So here in the metro area I find the best sales in East Cobb, North Decatur, and Select areas of Gwinnett. I tend to stay away from “New Money” areas. For example, the Buckhead area has amazing sales but tend to be crowded due to high promotion and filled with more designer vs vintage attracting bigger crowds and higher prices. 

2. Scouting Your Sales 
Sales are happening everywhere! So its best to weed out the duds and hit the best ones! My favorite tool to work with is Now this is a good tool no matter where you are! You head over to the site, plug in your city or zip, and violá! You get all the sales happening in a specified radius at your fingertips! Not only do you get the location, you get great details like the time of sale, parking, what form of payments they accept, and even photos to help you scout if its worth your time for what you want to find. 

3. Wear Your Uniform 
Now you know Im an advocate for trying everything on and this maybe a hard option while estating. So I suggest wearing the leggings and tank/tee uniform. 
There will be people roaming around so even if you find a quiet corner or closet to sneak into, you don’t want a stranger bursting in on you in your PINK yoga panties. So wear something close fitting to the body to slip pieces on and off with ease...

4. Set a Budget 
This is the hardest part for me to do. You’re going to find some amazing pieces but you have to set a budget for what you’ll spend especially if you’re hitting more than one sale. This will help you eliminate those un-neccessaries and help you leave only with the must haves.I usually set a budget around $25-$30 per store when thrifting so when estating, I raise that to cap out at $40-$50 per sale or set an overall budget for the day. *Bonus Tip* Bring cash for ease and better room for haggling. Most sales are less willing to negotiate when you’re paying with a card due to fees and sometimes, the fee is your responsibility so cash is King here.

5. Start Where You Want to Finish
Depending on what you’re in the market for, ALWAYS find those pieces and shop those first. There will be lots of things and people to distract you so put your blinders on and go for your gold. If its clothes, head for the master bedroom; Jewelry head for the area where they’re checking out customers; Tools head for the garage or basement. *Bonus Tip* Bring your own bags to carry things with you as you shop and for when you check out. Most sellers won’t have bags.

So now you’re ready to get started! Tell me about your favorite finds or stories if you’ve already tried estating!


  1. great tips! I've been wanting to try estate sales for awhile now.


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