Monday, September 28, 2015

#ManProblemMonday: Dating is not a Broadway Production

So this one is for my ladies and men ( it's been brought to my attention that some men read this post as well) And this may seem petty but one of the things that absolutely grinds my gears while dating is when a man fixes his mouth to say "So when are you going to cook for me?" Especially when you just met him yesterday and he has yet to take you on a proper date! Yes I still believe in chilvary and a proper date is either lunch or dinner  in which the man pays. And men you can kill that "independent woman we thought you wanted equal women's rights " BS that you use as an excuse to not be a gentleman. Sorry! *Kanye shrug*

Now the problem isn't in the question itself but the intent behind the question. This usually happens during what I call a pre date screening where you ask non invasive questions to find out if you even find me interesting enough to spend an afternoon or evening with... This is not the audition for the leading role in the production "Holy Matrimony" written, produced, directed, and starring you... That's like me asking you when are you coming over to cut my grass or take my car to get an oil change and its weekly wash?( ok I don't wash my car weekly but you get my point lol) When dating you don't receive the work before the invoice. And that goes both ways.

These are activities that grown adults( and assuming that you're dating you both should identify as ) are  responsible for our own daily survival aka responsibilities. Responsibilities we may not like and only have the pleasure in ditching ( passing off rather) when we find a partner we care about enough to take the load from. Something we do with time because we care about a person and don't mind doing the shit we know they hate because it makes them happy because they make us happy. 

Now fellas I know you're thinking well why should I spend my hard earned money on a woman I'm not sure I like? The answer to that is simple: DONT! Nobody's got a gun to your head! And if one dinner is going to break you, then maybe you should stay your ass home or find an awesome and creative free or low cost option. If she's not down with that then she's not worth you're time! (Sorry ladies it's true!) 

So have any of you ever felt you were auditioning instead of dating? Tell me about it!


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