Monday, September 14, 2015

#ManProblemMonday: The KickOff

Ok so now that we've all figured out our #MCMs and ran that into the ground, stumped it out, and dragged it behind our cars... Let's move on to the real. Not the men we lust and crush on but the ones we encounter everyday in real life on the journey known as dating... 

Now I don't know about you gals, but I've been on this ride a long time. You  could consider me somewhat of the quinticential single girl, a Cristi Bradshaw of you will...  Sometimes its a good ride... So good you spend hours on Pintrest planning your dream wedding to the guy you met 2 hours ago at Starbucks. And then sometimes it's all bad... So bad you don't wait for the car to stop after the first date; you hurl yourself out at the first exit off 85, tuck and roll, and hope for the best... So lets just say it's a numbers game.

But as I've hit my quarter century curve( the point in life where your over 25 but not accepting that you're basically 30) you realize you have to play less for sport and more for keeps. Time to face your Man Problems head on and realize not all of them are caused by the men we encounter. Just let that marinate and then let me explain... 

Sometimes we as women can be unrealistic, irrational, and just plain old bat shit crazy( and Yall know its true)  but there are many reasons for this and it's not all our fault. This is the place for me to open up about my experiences. I know some of you are like "I came for the vintage" and they'll still be plenty of that but Le Noux Rejekt is who I am and this is a part of me I want to share and open up for you ladies to share as well! ( plus I don't have the energy to start another blog when I can barely keep up with this one ) So please join the journey! We can even chat about it on Periscope and become cyber friends! ( I'm sacred as shit of that  but for Yall, I'll make an exception lol) 

So are you ready? 
Let me know in the comments what you think and even any ideas you want to chat about!


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