Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Stimulate Yo Mind: Good is Not Good Enough by Keith R. Wyche

Reading is a powerful thing. And while this is certainly not a noux concept it's one thats only just registered with me lol I haven't really sat in front of a tv in about two weeks ( or more until tonight as I'm wrighting this after spending the evening indulging in both the ABC and Fox Wednesday line ups which the latter of the two felt just a little comicly ridiculous and enjoyable but thats for another post) and I have no regrets. I have been more productive and organized since Ive adjusted what I feed my mind and I like the momentum so Ive decided to share some my stimuli.

So me and my BBF (business best friend) have been getting our shit together and apart of that is getting back on our weekly reads. Even though we're both fashion entrepreneurs and have no desire to excel in Corporate America this read was quite an eye opener. As a black woman, my mother has always preached this concept. She would always tell me "As a black woman you don't need to be twice as good you need to be three times as good because your working with two strikes: you're a woman and you're black" A concept I understood but never truly comprehended until I read this book.

Now no matter what path you decide to take in life, Keith Wyche outlines some a amazing points crucial to success as a minority (really any young professional) including

-personal branding
-public perception
-the importance of remaining relevant in your industry 
-the value of mentors and sponsors 
-the importance of giving back

Yes there were so many great points I had to list them!

And those were just a few that I feel benefited my journey the most. While all the information did not apply, I felt like a lot of my peers in other career fields could definitely benefit from the information and over come some obstacles that they face on their journey up the corporate ladder. This book provides great insight into how cultural differences and unknown factors could be holding you back without your knowledge and how to identify and address the issues to achieve the success you crave and who doesn't want that?

 Definitely a must read?

So have any of you nouxbies read it? If so let me know your thoughts! If not no worries! Grab it below and let me know what you learned!


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