Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday 5: Essentials for Your Starter Sewing Kit

Ok so Im no sewing expert but I dabble in the basics. My Graney is a bit of seamstress who made her wardrobe in high school and still makes a piece here and there. I guess some of her magic rubbed of on me cause I took a brie interest in sewing. Im not as patient for some of the jobs but I can certainly handle the basics and every lady... hell every man too should be able to handle the small jobs. A loose button or a quick hem can be easily taken care but what I find is that most people are missing the essential tools!

So today, we'll cover the 5 essentials you'll need for your basic sewing kit! And it'll cost you less than $15

1. An Assortment of needles
Sewing is not a one size its all type deal so you need a lot of weapons in your auxiliary. 
An assortment of needles is necessary to handle all jobs big or small! I have craft needles in the pic because I couldn't find my other pack but they can be found at your local craft store or Walmart for under $4 ad you get 25 which should last you a awhile.

2. Spools of Thread
Always start with your neutrals because you'll always need them. Plus they can be used on all your basics and can be blended into hems when you don't quite have an exact match.

3. A Good Pair of Scissors 
  A good pair is needed for the smooth cutting of your fabrics. Remember to keep them exclusively for you fabrics to keep them from dulling. Keep a separate pair for cutting your patterns. 

4. A Seam Ripper
Now you may not need this for many projects but when you do you'll be glad you have one!
When you need to adjust a seam, this little gal is your noux bestie... because undoing a seam without one is a pain in the ass

5. A Tape Measure 
This is the most important part for sewing and for buying vintage!
This will help keep your measurements exact when doing alterations.
Get your hemlines and darts just right... Plus get your measurements ready for your next vintage piece!

*Bonus: Get you a cute pin cushion to keep up with your needles without unthreading them 
I use the old school  red pepper ( my granny blessed me with this one) but you can use something else  to your liking!

So all you gals run out and get your kits started! 


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