Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday 5: Ways to Mix Match and Modernize

1.Watch The Shoes
This is my favorite and one of the simplest too. No matter what era you're wearing it can almost always be updated with your modern shoe selection! Depending on the occasion a sexy 6 inch pump or even a bootie can instantly modernize a vintage fall look. 
2. Moderation is Key
When it's your first time, I never suggest that you go vintage head to toe. This can be a little hard to modernize especially with inexperience. The best practice is use a 2:1 ratio I.E.
Modern Top and Shoes and Vintage Bottom
Or Vintage dress and Modern Shoes and Accessories

3. Incorporate Accessories
Not sure you're ready to take a deep plundge? start with a nice vintage accessory like a silk scarf on your handbag or a nice statement necklace to add some umph to your favorite LBD 

4. Use Trend Inspiration 
If you're not sure how to wear certain voyage piece, explore current trends and use how your favorite brands and influencers are atyleing the looks. 

Use layering to incorporate some vintage into your look. Try adding a vintage wool scarf, cute vest, or cable knit sweater to add to your style with ease. 


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