Monday, October 12, 2015

Man Problem Monday: Using God to Get Laid

I am a believer of God. I was raised southern baptist in which the Ggospel of Christ is the foundation. If you are not a believer, please keep reading because this is not the point where you are persecuted and stoned because of that! (This is not that type of place or party! I am a lover of all people and if you don't love all people then this is the point where you should leave.)

I read the Bible (occasionally... Don't judge!)  and as a human I've always struggled with sin as we usually do. Knowing what's right yet still doing what's wrong cause it feels so good ( you know what I'm talking about 😏) So after 1 bad relationship or situationship after another you vow that you're getting you're shit together and doing right his time! So you ditch happy hour and head to Bible study! And after a few weeks you feel rejuvenated and in the right path but lonely. So you pray and pray for a Christian man and you've think you've found him!

He's all about the word! Reciting verses to you, praying with you, calling you his angel... You think you've hit the jackpot so you're ignoring the other shit... The Instagram thirst traps showing his print with the scripture quotes underneath and the fact that he's laying the pipe down every night! 

Now this isn't wrong but what's wrong with it is that most of what he's spewing out his mouth is just an attempt at lowering the trust guard most women have. Using God as an in is like the biggest consign ever because we don't question God! But it is also just plain wrong!

Now I'm no expert on the matter but what I can say is that just because he knows the Lord don't make him more upstanding than the next man! And please don't be blinded by this. You can date him all you want but don't think he's going to lead you to the Messiah and that he won't drop you like a piece of Satans hot tail when the next cutie with a bootie strolls past ( or scrolls past his timeline) 

Now if you're looking for a man to support you on your journey, the best advice is to stop looking! He who finds a wife finds a good thing... So there's no need in you liking for a husband! And stand your ground! If you set standards based on your faith, be strong enough to commit to them yourself and only date men who have interest in helping you uphold them. Plain and simple. 

So have  you ladies encountered the Jesus PIMP? How did you handle it? Tell me about it in the comments! 


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