Monday, October 26, 2015

#ManProblemMonday: He's NOT your Man!

You ever find yourself in a weird place with your man? You know you're in your feelings because your grandmas sick, your finances suck, you feeling like a cow, and you wondering why he's not here? Why he can't read your mind? Why you feel so alone cause you havent seen him? Well let me help you out baby: HE IS NOT YOUR MAN! 

Yes I had to put that in all caps. Because sometimes we get so caught up in our feelings we forget to recognize the real. I understand completely. After dating and dating a bunch of duds... the "old as your daddy" dude, the hottie with the body (but no brains), the black yuppie, the six footer with no substance (I think you get it at this point) you finally find a stud and game on! 

You start putting your best foot forward. Opening up, sliding out of your comfort zone... He's getting in your head and your heart and honestly you kind of like it. But now it's been a while and things feel stalled. You're confused and you're venting to your girls trying to figure out your next move. You're amped up ready to check his ass and get the scoop. Well guess what?

Even when you've given all of that the fact remains that he's not your man! And part of the reason he's not is probably because you haven't connected on that level. Your feelings have surpassed where you've actually progressed in the situation. You have to remember (and by you I mean me too lol) that no matter how much you give or how hard it was for you to do, what really matters is how they receive it. 

Your huge gestures may feel I like you moved mountains but he may simply remained unmoved. And remember that's not all your fault either. You can't control how someone else receives what you have to give them but that doesn't mean to settle for what they give you especially if it's feeling like it's not enough. 

Every one deserves the effort they exude so either communicate and get your needs met or let that shit go! Just because he's the best you met thus far, doesn't mean he's the best to come. So set your standard and keep an open mind to attract the one who is yours! You may not need kiss a few more frogs to get your prince! 

So have you ever felt like this? Did you figure out his love language or did you move on? Let me know!


  1. In my previous marriage, I didn't, but HE DID! This is what happens when you end up with someone you have no business with.

    1. Exactly. Its so important to find the right one. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Moved on.. Men will get comfortable doing the bare minimum if you treat them like kings regardless of how much effort they put forth. Lesson Learned

    1. Definitely been there! Most of the time, its just not worth it... Thanks for sharing your opinion!


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