Monday, October 19, 2015

#ManProblemMonday: Stop Swimming the Shallow End of the Dating Pool

After an entire month of binge watching all 6 seasons of A Different World, I realized me and Whitley Gilbert have a lot in common ( being born wealthy is not one btw). Not only do we have a love of everything chic, we were also very particular about the men we date almost to fault. A fault that most women have. The dating pool is vast, wide, and deep... Yet we tend to wallow in the shallow end. Only picking men who live up to laundry lists that typically don't exist... 

You know 6'5,  no kids, never married, within 5 years of your age, good credit, loves God, makes 6 figures, 6 pack, can sing, sensitive, hard , etc etc. You get my point! Now we all need a standard and non negotiables but come on now! So in attempts at finding this man, we limit the men we date and end up thinking all men are the same when in reality it's just all the men YOU date! Yes it's not the men its you! Even when we think we don't have a type we do and usually your type ain't shit and you don't even realize it... So you have to step out of your norm... 

Some things to consider:

1. Get out of your damn house! 

I'm guilty of this myself so I know first hand. Unless you're waiting in your man to break in and rob you, get yourself off the sofa and get out!

2. Switch up your scene!

If you find that all the men you meet at your favorite hang out spot are all the same, then change up the spot! Incorporate more activities outside your comfort zone and culturally expand!

3. Stop waiting on the Fairy Tale ending! 

Because it may not happen that way... The days of meeting your soul mate at Publix as you both reach for your favorite juice or meeting your future hubby at your bestie's wedding are just not happening  especially when you're too broke to shop at Publix and not one of your friends even had a prospect of marriage... I'm not saying hit the hunt hard and prowl on every man you see but just open your mind to all the possibilities...

So stop wading in the shallow end and head out on a deep sea excursion! Get over your Julian, don't settle for Byron and get your pookie Dwayne Wayne! Bumps bruises and all till you sail to your happily ever after!


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