Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Stimulate Yo Mind: Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

I know what you're thinking: You're just now reading that book? and the answer is YES! Yes I am just reading it and Im glad I did. Ive never seen the movie so its all noux to me. After coming off a strong business read a few weeks a go, I was happy to finish something entertaining yet insightful...

Now if you have been living under a rock and are unfamiliar with the story then pop open a tab and ask your old friend google for a quick synopsis.... Ill wait.... Ok now that you're up to speed you know that its about a woman's personal journey of self discovery while traveling the world to help her find inner peace. Now I may not have traveled the world but I personally discovered a few things about myself during the read... Ive outlined a few points below...

1. Be mindful of your mental health: In the beginning of the story our protagonist battles with mental health after several traumatic life experiences. And while I thought it could never happen to me, I recently found myself slipping down the slippery slope of depression. Luckily for me, I was conscious of the changes in my mood, behavior, and environmental factors. There are a lot of things happening around me that have been affecting all 3 and no matter how many times you keep telling yourself your ok, sometimes you're just not. And thats ok.  It changed my perspective on how I deal with my issues and made myself aware that maybe it was time that I adjust my ways. This book taught me that.

2. Don't let religious affiliations limit your world view: The main character defines herself as Christian but is a devout practitioner of yoga and meditation. She even has a Guru! Being raised southern baptist, I can't ever say we were encouraged to explore other religious teachings or that it was even plausible to do so without giving Jesus the finger. As I entered my twenties, I found myself in a state of curiosity but was always afraid to admit it within my circles. Its always frowned upon to go against the grain and "question" what you've always been taught to believe. But as an young woman entering my 30s, understanding WHY I believe is more important than the act of believing in itself. So don't be afraid to explore the concepts to help further support your why! This book helped me understand that even more.

3. Meditation may be good for my SOUL: Ok so this one may not be as deep as the first two but its equally as important. Ive dabbled in meditation before and I loved it! But after reading this, I think I love it even more. Now reading the Bible and attending church is great but what Ive found is that I need a little bit more for my spiritual growth...  Which Id like to explore further by learning about meditation at a local meditation center thats near my house. Its way out of my comfort zone but Its worth a shot! (ill do a post on my experience later) And once you leave your comfort zone, you can begin to find peace. This book taught me that...

So have any of you nouxbies read Eat, Pray, Love? If so, share your thoughts or how it may have enlightened you!


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