Friday, November 13, 2015

The View from 27: 5 Lessons for your Late 20s

Thank God for 27! And not just because I'm blessed to be alive but because 26 was definitely one of the toughest years of my life! And honestly I'm glad to see it go. There were some beautiful moments but I can honestly say the bad outweighed the good which was different for me because that NEVER happens. Even when I quit my job and didn't work for a year...( And we know how hard unemployment can be... ) but luckily there's a Blessing in every Lesson so here are my five favorites of the year that I shall keep with me...

1.Doubt Will ALWAYS bring you down
One huge mistake I made this year and probably many years before was doubting myself. There are so many things I've wanted to do but never saw the into fruition because I feared failure. I feared what others would say and what they would think which is something that those who know me may find shocking. At 26, I finally pushed though the fear, said to hell with that, and decided that whatever I do would be done with genuine love and others will feel and respect it. And if they didn't So What! This very line of thought got me in front of the camera for my brand and blogging more! Sharing a lot of my personal experiences and thoughts with all of you! And it's brought much joy to me! Hopefully it does the same for you.

2.Consistency is KEY!
No matter what you do in life, relationships, blogging, your business, your workout, it all requires consistency. This is something I've failed miserably at this year and I have the low sales and extra belly fat to prove it! One thing I can say that has been constant is friends and family. Now don't get me wrong, there have been obstacles especially where pride almost killed very important relationships, but nothing will kill pride faster than struggle... And the only way to get through it is with your dream team! I'm proud to say that that's exactly what I've got! Thank the Lord lol

3. It CAN happen to you and WILL happen for you
Now I may not have had a lot in my life, I can't say that I've struggled at all... Never not once! My parents gave me everything! (And I mean everything) Despite them splitting early in my life, I have great relationships with them both. All my grandparents are living and they give me everything as well. I have loyal friends, did well in school, had a great career, etc etc. you get the point. But this year brought a lot of strife! With illness plaguing my mother and granny( both of them) and financial decisions ( bad ones as you may have guessed) finally catching up to me, another unfamiliar thing latched on as well: depression. Now I've always been a confident and happy person, but suddenly my confidence dwindled. I retreated within myself,ate more,  ditched my exercise regimen, and struggled to get out of bed everyday... I didn't think I was depressed because hey that could never happen to me. But it was happening and thank God my friend helped me see it so I could pull myself up.What I learned is that no one is exempt to to life's lows, so when they come be ready for battle and  FYI a little mediation and a lot prayer will get you far!

4. A Mind thats Content brings a Life Well Spent: 
Even with everything happening, there is one thing that can either pull you out of the low point or push you further in and that's contentment... Or lack thereof. Even though I was going through all this, the thought that kept me pushing was that there is always some one wishing they were in your place. Praying for the opportunity to have rent to pay or a car to drive, even food to eat. This kept me grounded and helped me out of the slump. I remember to constantly give thanks and set goals to take me to the next level.

5.You can't ReUp until you Fall Down: 
Without struggle there is no progress. And honestly my lack of it kept me stagnant. When everything was going good, I got lazy, comfortable, and ungrateful. What I learned form this year is that you have to be uncomfortable in order to make change. And like my Daddy always says, "When you're tired of struggling you'll stop" lol plain and simple. So I embrace  the obstacles as God's test before He passes me to the next level and I'm content with that.

So here's to another year of growth, knowledge, prosperity, and giving (my opportunity area lol) Thanks for reading! If you made it this far,I appreciate you celebrating with me! 

Now for the fun! Slumber Party tonight! 
Catch the recap next week! 

Any of you have birthdays coming up? Do you reflect on your year? What are some thing you've discovered this year or previously? 
I'd love to read about it!


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